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Catastrophe Hits The Road

Well here we are.

How are you getting on? I hope that month 25 of 2020 is treating you well. There are reasons to be cheerful. The nights are fair drawing out. The infection numbers are falling. The restrictions on live music are away.

First of all, I've finally [damn you, Omicron] managed to get my hands on the Album of the Year award The Weekender bestowed upon 'Catastrophe Hits'. How lovely. I'm going to leave it on the floor in our hall so when folk come through the door and fall over it I can say "oh! you've tripped over my award". I'm very cool and simply not obnoxious in the slightest. Shut it.

Secondly - a vinyl update. As far as the label and I are aware 'Catastrophe Hits' is en route from Poland. It should have left there on the 11th and we've nothing to suggest that it didn't. The vagueness of this update should give you a touch of insight into what we've been up against. Now it's just Brexit customs it has to contend with. Wahoo.

But now onto the main purpose of this blog - It is time to get out and tour the brand new (award-winning) record.

I've managed to avoid the tidal wave of rescheduling hell for the most part, but I'll be doing chunks of touring this year, necessitated by the ol' COVID disruption, rather than a couple of big long runs.

I'm so excited to go on tour. I'm so excited to finally get back on a stage and play for you all. I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it. etc.

So, I'm off to England first. Kicking it off in London. I wonder who the Prime Minister will be. After that I'll be out and about over a lot of Scotland. I'll be announcing more shows in the coming weeks, such is the nature of the beast at the moment. Let me know below if you want me to swing by your way.

What more is there to say? All shows are a blistering band affair apart from the St Monans show which is an intimate acoustic evening. Very nice.



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