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Playing The (Catastrophe) Hits

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

On the 19th of November we'll be taking to the stage at the CCA in Glasgow. It's the album launch. In less than a fortnight! It's going to be great. Seriously. I can't wait to properly launch the record into the world. You should get you tickets, here, while you still can. Only £10! (£8.50 unwaged).

Labelmates wojtek the bear will be on hand to entertain you with their new LP 'Heaven By The Back Door', after their own album launch succumbed to COVID restrictions in the summer.

We played the first full band Broken Chanter show since January 2020 on Saturday at Summerhall in Edinburgh, opening for Admiral Fallow. It was intense, like. Being in a room with 450 folk after the last 20 months was both terrifying and truly wonderful. It was LOUD. It was a joy. Thank you to everyone who gave us such a warm welcome, and to AF for having us.

I am on the cover of this month's Snack Magazine. Which is rather lovely. My brain did a bit of weird twitch when I went into my local coffee shop (Frankie, try the Coconut Milk Cappuccino and treat yourself to a vegan empire biscuit) and saw my big hairy coupon staring up at me. You can pick up a copy in one of over 700 locations in Scotland and read a nice interview with me about all things 'Catastrophe Hits' and beyond. Which is great, eh?

Speaking of which, have you listened to my brand new album 'Catastrophe Hits' yet? I have mentioned it here and there on the internet already. A fair bit. But it's really rather great. You can get yourself involved here. The vinyl should be arriving at Last Night From Glasgow on Monday 15th November and will be posted from then. Bloody international vinyl crisis. It was sent for manufacture at the end of April. Sarah from Reckless Yes has posted a very helpful and interesting thread on the nightmare facing independent labels and artists when it comes to getting vinyl made. Read it here.

But aye, the album, 'Catastrophe Hits'. Enjoying it? Any particular favourite tracks yet? Let us know in the comments below.

I won't ramble on for too much longer. I'll get back to practising for the album launch in Glasgow on the 19th of November that you're definitely just about to buy tickets for.

A tour is coming your way in 2022, with shows starting to be announced soon. Where do you want me to come and sing about my woes in front of you, backed by these absolute gems?

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