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Broken Chanter is David MacGregor, on his lonesome, or accompanied by an array of very talented musicians. MacGregor spent 2007-2017 as the principal songwriter of Scottish Alt-Pop darlings Kid Canaveral - a band that could get you to dance, laugh, and weep all in the space of a set. Their Debut LP Shouting at Wildlife was described by The Herald as "a Scottish pop classic that should be mandatory in every record collection in the country", with follow-up Now That You Are a Dancer being nominated for the Scottish Album of the Year Award in 2014. 

A light-hearted raconteur and heavy-hearted singer when accompanied by just a guitar, and a whirling dervish of noise and melody when fully electric, MacGregor released the eponymous Broken Chanter to critical acclaim in September 2019 (A stunning, stately debut - The Skinny). It is a record which paints an emotional and expansive soundscape with a distinct sense of place, that showcases MacGregor's ear for melody and dexterity at tugging heart-strings.

With touring cut short by - you guessed it - the COVID-19 pandemic, MacGregor sat in his home, freaked out for a bit, then dusted himself off and set about writing a new record. The resulting Catastrophe Hits was recorded and produced by Paul Savage at Chem 19 and is a bold, thrilling and hopeful kick-back against creeping fascism, disaster capitalism, and humanity's apparent death spiral. Featuring a stellar cast of musicians (Audrey Tait, Jill O'Sullivan, Graeme Smillie, Bart Owl, Man of the Minch, Gill Higgins, and Ali Hendry) and jam-packed with hooks and humour, Catastrophe Hits is an album filled to the brim with sharp pop sensibility and sublime gentler moments. ​

Both are available now on Olive Grove Records and Last Night From Glasgow. 

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